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Lawbreaker - Dear Who?

  • Lawbreaker - Dear Who?
  • Lawbreaker - Dear Who?
  • Lawbreaker - Dear Who?
  • Lawbreaker - Dear Who?

Jawbreaker is a band that has created many waves in their time. They became fast favorites in The Bay Area, New York and the Los Angeles scenes. Raw, poignant and vital, the band carved a niche within the scene as a band that could stand toe to toe with any of the grittier punk outfits while also providing a level of dynamics and intensity that garnered them attention outside of the hardcore scene and more into the indie/emo world. At one point considered sellouts (pfft), the band came to an abrupt end after their major label debut album Dear You failed to meet the expectations of the label, and it wasn't until many years later that the band decided to try their hand at it again, and were met with an incredibly welcoming response.

Lawbreaker - Dear Who? is a collection of artists from around the United States that have come together to pay tribute to the band, and the landmark album. Featuring elders from the scene (Jonah Matranga, Heavy Seas, Middle-Aged Queers) alongside a group of younger bands (Sarchasm, Lousy Advice, Nobody's Baby, etc), the album has been re-worked to showcase how much the band has influenced musicians across a few generations.

Available in 3 color variants:
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Dark Forest Green - Lavasocks Records exclusive variant
Cream - both labels will be carrying these


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