Comp Punksylvania - 12" LP (Mystery Vinyl)

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  • Comp Punksylvania - 12" LP (Mystery Vinyl)
  • Comp Punksylvania - 12" LP (Mystery Vinyl)

Let's go to Camp Punksylvania!!!! To celebrate its third year, we have teamed up with the awesome crew at Riot Squad Media to put together an exclusive compilation that features 12 artists performing at this year's event.

Available on 12" Purple Vinyl (the color was a randomly selected color from the plant, and lucky us, it turned out purple, which matches the album artwork really well!)

ALL SEPTEMBER LONG - Order this and ANY other LP we have in our catalog and you'll get a 3rd randomly selected LP with your order, FREE!!

This is currently in pre-order! Albums will begin shipping out starting Monday August 21st

Track listing ( **denotes tracks that are exclusive/rare/1st time on physical format )

Side A :
A Wilhelm Scream - Be One To No One
Tsunami Bomb - The Spine That Binds (live)**
The Dollyrots - Missing You [I Can't Wait]**
Fat Heaven - Control the State**
Working Class Stiffs - What Can I Say**
The River City Rebels - Ego**

Side B :
Escape From The Zoo - Run**
Belvedere - Comrade
The Homeless Gospel Choir - Leaving Hazelwood (demo)
Fat Chance - Comrades**
The What Nows?! - Broken Down**
Stop The Presses - Swords


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