1. Are Refunds allowed?
    • Yes, refunds are allowed until the time of shipment of the items that you have purchased, OR if the product is shown to be not playable or otherwise damaged.  Please note, we cannot be held responsible for any mishandling by the courier (UPS, USPS, FEDEX, etc), and there will need to be an obvious issue with the product itself outside of courier mishandling for a refund like this to be valid.
    • Additionally, any refunds that are not damage related will not include any fees that were taken by third party vendors (Paypal, Stripe, etc), which can vary depending on the payment vendor that was used.
    • If items are returned to us in the post due to VAT or customs fees not being paid upon delivery, or the incorrect address was provided to us, we will NOT refund the shipping costs, but we will refund the cost of the items you purchased.  We will also re-send items for an additional shipping fee (** please see the next question for more info on this).
    • We understand that accidents happen, and occasionally buyers' remorse, and we are happy to work with you if there is an issue with your order, so feel free to reach out with questions about these kinds of issues
  2. Do you ship internationally?
    • Yes we do!  We must emphasize, though, that as much as strive to keep the cost of international shipping down, it is beyond our control past a certain point.  If you wish to purchase something from us and have it shipped internationally, also please note that we do not offer any kind of insurance option and we maintain a strict no returns/no refunds policy if anything is damaged due to lack of care provided by the courier service that handles the product.  We package all of our items very carefully and we unfortunately have no control of the way in which they handle the product once it is in their hands.
    • We also have partner labels that are carrying several of our titles.  For example, Engineer Records has copies of Neckscars, Decent Criminal, and will have copies of several of our upcoming releases available.  Gunner Records in Germany has copies of Decent Criminal's album DC EPBearded Punk Records in Belgium has copies of Decent Criminal's album Bliss.
    • For international orders, please keep in mind that there may be VAT or Customs fees due before you can receive your items from the post.  
  3. Do you accept demos?
    • YES, absolutely!  I am always looking for new bands to work with.  Please use the contact form here, or send an email to [email protected] to submit your information
    • As a pro tip: Please make your introduction letter something that includes a lot of information about your band/project (history, what you've already released, notable events, etc), a brief statement of why you're interested in Sell The Heart Records, and of course a link to your songs on Soundcloud or Dropbox that I can listen to (this is preferable as opposed to WAVs or MP3s as they end up eating up a ton of space).  Additionally, please note that I will in fact listen to your songs, and I will respond to you, though it may take some time.
    • Extra Pro Tip: I am trying to make Sell The Heart a label that is based around a shared commitment to bring each other up as a roster, so if you're eager to be on the label, consider buying some merch from the bands if you haven't already, and be prepared to talk up the other bands if we end up working together.  And look, it's not a requirement or anything, but it speaks volumes to me when bands collaborate on hyping each other up instead of acting like islands to themselves all the time (just my two cents)