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12 Album Mega Bundle

  • 12 Album Mega Bundle

We're offering this massive 12 album bundle, which features a terrific assortment of albums from our catalog for one low price. To add to the value, we are offering FREE Domestic shipping

* International orders will include additional shipping, but at a discount to coincide with the free domestic shipping rate - please note that international orders will likely require that you pay VAT and/or import fees when you receive the albums and we do NOT cover those or charge for those

The albums pictured here are currently what we are offering, but some of these are limited, and we will update accordingly. If you already own one or more of them, let me know and we can see about substituting another album in its place, but I cannot guarantee that I will be able to based on inventory

Albums included:
- Unconditional Arms: Formation 12" LP (post rock)
- SNIPERS!!: Let The Wolves Eat Themselves 12" LP (post rock)
- RLND: Zealand 12" LP (post rock)
- The Jukebox Romantics: Fires Forming 12" EP (punk, pop-punk)
- Raised On TV: Strangers in Pictures 12" LP (indie-rock, power-pop, garage)
- Singing Lungs: Coming Around 12" LP (indie-rock, alt-rock)
- Everybody Wants Somewhere: A Tribute to Fugazi 12" LP (comp, punk, post-hardcore)
- Lawbreaker: Dear Who? 12" LP (Jawbreaker tribute album, punk, post-hardcore)
- RITES: No Change Without Me 12" EP (melodic hardcore punk from The Netherlands)
- System Restore: User Friendly Fire 7" EP (skate punk, melodic punk rock)
- The Darien Gap: Haunted Lots 12" EP (indie-rock, post-hardcore)
- Decent Criminal: DC EP 7" EP (punk, garage, indie-punk)

This is over 50% off for these albums at full price, and is a great way to support the bands and the label. So much music for a great price!


  • 12 Album Bundle
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