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Tulpa Luna with Adam Gnade - 7-inch EP

  • Tulpa Luna with Adam Gnade - 7-inch EP
  • Tulpa Luna with Adam Gnade - 7-inch EP

Something is rotting. You can smell it on the breeze. Our country is on the edge of collapse. There are cracks forming in your steadiest foundation. Released by Sell Your Heart Records on clear vinyl, this 7" collaboration between San Diego-based post-punk band Tulpa Luna and author Adam Gnade says that our country and its culture are sinking like a ship and we're all just going through the motions as the waters rise. It's state-of-the-nation as protest music. With urgent talking vocals up against catchy-but-grim darkwave post-punk, Gnade and Tulpa Luna show an America on the edge of collapse. Suicidal ideation and lost illusions are the beating heart of side A, "Molly," a gothy pop song with a storming inner turmoil that belies the dark sugar of the music. Part Psych Furs, part OMD, "Molly" is about the myths American culture feeds its young via mainstream entertainment and the corrosive effect it can have. Eighties-referencing and at the same time completely current, "Molly" is a song that says the kids would be alright if we would just let them. How do you set a generation up for failure and disappointment? This song is a blueprint for that (and a note of possible hope and resolution). Side two, the heavy, brooding "Chernobyl," is about drone strikes and guilt, about trying to get through the day when you know your country is up to some nefarious action. As catchy and light as the synth-pop on side A is, "Chernobyl" shows the other half of Tulpa Luna, the part that loves bands like Dead Can Dance and Ministry, '90s industrial radio hits and churning post-rock records. The lyrics ask us: Do you keep paying taxes and cellphone bills, streaming endless TV shows and settling for the lesser of two evils, or do you do something about it? Where is your breaking point when you realize your government is the enemy, that the United States aren't the good guys you were raised to believe they were? Something is rotting. What is there to do? Is there hope for remediation? What will YOU do?

TULPA LUNA (formerly known as Warsaw), is a post-punk band from San Diego featuring former and current members of Ilya, Kata, Goodbye Blue Monday, The Waterline Drift and many more. TULPA LUNA have released 3 EPs under the name Warsaw and are currently working on their debut full length album.

Adam Gnade's ("guh naw dee") work is released as a series of novels and audio recordings that share plotlines and characters, building a universe he calls "We Live Nowhere and Know No One." His most recent novel, This is the End of Something But It's Not the End of You, was released by Three One G and Pioneers Press in February of 2020. He lives and works on a farm in the rural Midwest.

Rebecca Antuña - vocals, keyboards
Demetrius Antuña - vocals, guitar
John Mattos - bass, percussion
Sean Taugher - drums, percussion, electronics


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