Sell The Heart Records 2023 Vinyl Club

  • Sell The Heart Records 2023 Vinyl Club
  • Sell The Heart Records 2023 Vinyl Club
  • Sell The Heart Records 2023 Vinyl Club
  • Sell The Heart Records 2023 Vinyl Club
  • Sell The Heart Records 2023 Vinyl Club

Our Vinyl Club is back for 2023, and we have an incredible lineup for albums coming your way.

This year we are offering 11 albums, and this will be primarily made up of 12", full-length albums. You'll also get a custom turntable slip mat and a Sell The Heart Records Enamel Pin as part of your membership!

We are opening this year's club to 50 members total (up from 30 last year) - so be sure to secure your spot.

Right out of the gate, you'll be guaranteed a copy of:

The 1984 Draft - Best Friends Forever - 12" LP
Middle-Aged Queers - Shout at the Hetero - 10" LP
Bumsy and the Moochers - Diet Violence - 12" LP
Goddamnit - All This Time is Yours Now - 12" LP

..... and that is just the beginning. There will be 8 other albums heading your way over the course of 2023.

Members will get a 25% discount code good on other physical merchandise (except where noted), so if you're a new member and want to order some of our back catalog, you're on your way to savings town!

If we sell out of all 50 slots, we will include an additional surprise perk for all 50 club members.

Orders will be shipped with stickers and the occasional surprise.

Things to note:
- This is a HUGE savings! Eleven 12" vinyl albums would normally cost approx $220, with an additional $55 shipping if broken up to individual shipments. Shipping materials for 11 individual albums would be around $15-20. Slip mats would be around $10 each. Enamel Pins are $8.00. Stickers would be around $3-4 per member, bringing this to a total of approximately $310, giving you a savings of $125 at the low end. You basically end up getting these records at JUST ABOVE cost after all is said and done.
- The price has gone up from previous years, but please keep in mind that we are offering MORE albums this year than we had previously offered (previous years offered 6 or 7). To note as well, shipping and material costs have gone up several times over the last year, and though I wish it wasn't the case, we have to adjust accordingly.
- If you have already pre-ordered any of the albums listed, we can work out an arrangement to get you a refund for the difference or look at getting a substitute album in its place
- Shipments will be broken up into 4 shipments through the year, with multiple records being shipped together along with the slip mat and additional items
- We don't have specific color variants for club members for all albums, but we will do our best to make sure you get the rarest version
- The unique discount code can be used to order for your friends, but please don't give your code to other people, and instead, place the order yourself. Any orders placed using your code by another person will be voided out and refunded minus any fees
- We will open a select few international spots which will have a higher shipping cost associated with it. Please be aware that we will do our best to keep shipping costs low, but we are beholden to what the postal services charge
- Please note that there are NO REFUNDS (unless there is a proven technical glitch or a mistaken double order), and we do not offer the option to cancel part-way through the membership.
- The first shipment will take place as soon as I have the first 4 albums, or the last week of Jan 2023, whichever comes first. Currently waiting for the copies of Middle-Aged Queers new album to come in


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