Sell The Heart Records 2022 Record Club

  • Sell The Heart Records 2022 Record Club
  • Sell The Heart Records 2022 Record Club

Do you have an eclectic taste in music, collect vinyl, and love supporting independent labels/artists? Look no further than our 2022 Record Club. For a low price you'll receive every album we are releasing on vinyl this year with shipping included**!!

This year, we are guaranteeing no fewer than 7 albums (maximum of 8) as part of the record club, which will be a mix of 7" and 12" (and quite possibly a 10") albums. You'll also get a custom slip mat for your turntable, digital copies of any other albums that we do not release on vinyl, and will get a 25% discount on other physical merchandise*** we are selling with a unique code that will be usable on Big Cartel. We will also include additional schwag like stickers, buttons, etc.

Last year, members received a total of 8 albums from the likes of Decent Criminal, Heavy Seas, Neckscars, States of Nature, The Jukebox Romantics, and more.

For an idea of the savings breakdown, considering that this will likely include 5 12" LPs ($100 Value right there), and 2 7" EPs ($16 Value), and Media Mail Shipping & Packaging for each (approx $35-40 Value), and the slip mat ($8 value), this is a savings of at least $48, and it helps us to fund our releases ahead of time.

This is limited to 30 spots, but we may open it up to more if we burn through these first 30 spots. This is one of the BEST ways to support the label and get THE BEST deal on all of the albums we release. It directly benefits the artists too as it ensures that their new albums are landing in the hands of interested listeners.

This makes for an excellent gift for the music & vinyl collector.

Please note that with vinyl turnaround times being as long as they are, we cannot know at this time just when the first albums will be available, but we are aiming to have the 1st vinyl release to come out in March of 2022 if all goes well. Several are slated for the Summer of 2022, and a few others will likely end up landing in the Fall and Early Winter of 2022. We do have other non-vinyl releases slated sooner, which you'll receive digitally as part of the membership

** Shipping is USPS Media Mail. Albums will be shipped periodically based on when they arrive from the pressing plants, and please keep in mind that there are significant delays happening across the entire music industry for physical merch, especially vinyl.

*** Some exclusion apply to this (and will be noted as such)