Box Elder - Minimums CD

  • Box Elder - Minimums CD
  • Box Elder - Minimums CD

Box Elder, the Alternative Rock band born in the shadow of the Tetons, is back. After making a splash with their debut EP, These Distractions Are Constant, the Jackson Hole-based quartet has released a follow up EP. Minimums consists of six songs running the emotional gamut of regret, self-doubt, lost love, and ruminations of the pointlessness of life. It’s like signing a contract for twenty minutes of non-stop heartbreak and high tension. You buy that ticket, you take that ride. This album is a concoction of varying elements: soft yet fierce, beautiful, and intense. The vocals, smokey and gravely, are accentuated by bold, thundering drums and atop that, wailing leads swoop in like a pale horse ridden by Ron Wasserman. The hooks are infectious and the song structures are unpredictable. Here is a band that have put literally everything they have into it and it’s undeniable as long as you have ears to perk.

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